The VIRTUES COVID-19 web-based application streamlines the patient assessment process making it faster to understand patient needs and identify high-risk patients.

VIRTUES COVID-19, co-designed by patients and physicians, delivers a new model of virtual care, supported by Canadian technology, that will improve access and delivery of quality care, reduce the stress of patients with COVID-19, decrease exposure to all communities, and protect essential front-line health care workers from COVID-19.

For Patients

With VIRTUES-COVID-19, create a record of daily logged vital signs and COVID-19 symptoms.

Begin your submission by capturing your oxygen levels and heart rate.

Information in each episode will be used for your COVID-19 care and nothing else.

Upon submission, you will receive confirmation that the episode information has been sent to the clinic.

The information within your submission will be timely exchanged between COVID-19 clinic nurses and physicians and every episode you capture will receive individual assessment and feedback.

Benefits include:

  • Better satisfaction during your COVID-19 recovery
  • Reduction of your anxiety from uncertainty and disconnection from healthcare systems
  • Tracking of your path to recovery through symptom and vital sign tracking
  • Early recognition of potential concerns if your condition worsens

For Clinicians

With VIRTUES COVID-19, you will receive logged vital signs and COVID-19 symptoms from the patients you are managing and monitoring.

VIRTUES COVID-19 will allow you and your clinical care team to triage patients effectively and efficiently to increase workflow.

Information from each submitted episode will be stored for each patient allowing you and your clinical care team to review the history of the patient over their entire COVID-19 recovery.

You will be able to send your treatment plan directly to the patient and keep notes for yourself.

After you have completed your report, your patients will receive a notification to check their VIRTUES-COVID-19 dashboard for their updated treatment plan. You and your clinical care team will be notified when the patient confirms they have read that report.

Benefits to you and your clinical care team include:

  • Provide effective and quality care to your patients
  • Safely interact with COVID-19 positive patients without risk of spreading the infection to yourself or your clinical care team
  • Recognition of potential concerns early for each of your patients
  • Reduce or avoid unnecessary emergency department or clinic visits by COVID-19 positive patients


  • VIRTUES-COVID-19 helps to manage and monitor a patient from the onset of their symptoms, including O2 saturation and pulse rate (with a provided home-based pulse oximeter), and temperature. 
  • Symptom log tracking, with critical alerts for communication between a patient and physician.
  • Accessible feedback between a patient and their COVID-19 care team regarding the need for any action or therapy.
  • Your personal health information is protected. VIRTUES maintains PHIPA compliance with data-at-rest and in-transit encryption, firewall services, data backup services, and disaster recovery capabilities.

“The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of virtual healthcare globally. Our goal is to deliver a model of virtual care, supported by technology solutions, that will improve access to care, delivery of care, and reduce the stress of patients infected by COVID-19.”

Dr. Anthony Tang
CEO and Scientific Director, CANet

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