Our Network

VIRTUES was designed, developed and implemented with the essential involvement of patients, on-going expertise of healthcare leaders from CANet’s pan-Canadian network of investigators and clinicians, and fundamental support of academic, industry and government partners from provinces and territories across Canada.

Patients with arrhythmia conditions will receive on-demand virtual care using state-of-the-art Canadian-made biosensor driven diagnostics and health informatics, integrated with cutting-edge digital technologies, advanced analytics and wireless connectivity.

VIRTUES delivers the most efficient, effective, and accessible healthcare, on-demand and tailored to the specific needs of each arrhythmia patient. 

Working with CANet, multiple studies have been implemented and concurrently operating during development while VIRTUES continues to apply the latest technologies to ensure the universal standards developed by CANet, for the delivery of personalized patient-centric arrhythmia healthcare, is maximized.

VIRTUES provides secure and private electronic vehicles, including its cloud-based infrastructure utilizing FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), and data models ensuring interoperability between all points of a patient’s care.

By combining wearable biosensor technology (to collect personalized physiological data), digital multi-media interfaces (providing personalized demographic structured and unstructured data) and validated analytics, VIRTUES has the capabilities to immediately integrate symptom-driven validated physiological data (rhythm, BP, others) into a patient-specific, personalized context and trigger an appropriate care plan derived from a set of plans previously co-developed with the patient.

Study Implementation

Multiple studies, including multiple sites, are currently undergoing needs reviews and assessment for implementation into the VIRTUES clinical care platform, and; ethics applications are currently under review for these studies. Via live demonstration, a patient has already been registered into a CANet-funded study through the VIRTUES mobile application.

VIRTUES delivers the most efficient, effective, and accessible healthcare, on-demand and tailored to the specific needs of each arrhythmia patient.