Patient-Driven Care

The implementation of VIRTUES improves the access, quality, and cost of healthcare for all Canadians. 

Through the integration, collection, and analysis of data, VIRTUES has the capabilities to deliver personalized education material for each patient’s specific medical conditions, tailored to an individual patient’s requirements and educational profile. With VIRTUES, specific requirements including language preference and family caregiver’s accessibility help further develop and test improved care planning tools and care pathways for patient care at home.

Utilizing data from several thousand patients, VIRTUES serves as an essential research and knowledge translation strategy thus enabling further technology development.

Access to VIRTUES robust data will strategically enrich high-quality research directed at further improving critical outcomes of patient care.

VIRTUES provides virtual care to patients.

VIRTUES delivers healthcare to patients at home, in their communities.

VIRTUES is designed by patients for patients.

VIRTUES improves quality and accessibility of care at reduced cost.

VIRTUES is an innovative Canadian solution to a global crisis.

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Research leads to new discoveries