Privacy and Security

With the complex cybersecurity and privacy landscape continually evolving, significant new risks and challenges arise requiring businesses to be flexible and agile. Ongoing privacy and security reviews and consultation needs to be embedded into the development life cycle to ensure best privacy practices and compliance with relevant privacy legislation. 

VIRTUES is compliant with all Canadian healthcare privacy laws.

During development, as VIRTUES implements the latest technologies, concurrently, privacy and security considerations and assessments are completed. VIRTUES privacy and security strategy is to embed universal privacy principles that provide a framework for privacy laws together with Privacy by Design (PbD) principles into the system design and architecture.

The entire VIRTUES ecosystem strives to adopt the philosophy and methodology expressed by the layering and overlapping of information management principles affirmed by Privacy by Design.

Canadians value their privacy. VIRTUES privacy and security mission is to achieve the highest privacy and security protection standard. Through on-going consultation with patients, privacy and security experts, including discussions with legal counsel and Provincial Information Privacy Commissioners, VIRTUES mandate is to implement the best privacy and security practices while fulfilling all legal Canadian compliance obligations. 

VIRTUES delivers the most efficient, effective, and accessible healthcare, on-demand and tailored to the specific needs of each arrhythmia patient.