Virtual Integrated Reliable Transformative User-Driven E-Health System

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies from partners including Abbott Laboratories and Medtronic Canada (with Medtronic CareLink), patient data is transmitted securely to VIRTUES via biosensor technology and manual input on a variety of electronic devices.

With the capabilities of collecting data across multiple data sources, VIRTUES secure blockchain cloud-based infrastructure has been developed utilizing the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) software architecture.

Study-specific CRF’s utilize CANet-standardized data models and codebooks to ensure interoperability throughout the VIRTUES collection, integration and output, facilitating the delivery of information to all platforms and electronic devices.

CANet studies including RAFT-LV endo, RPM-CIED, DEVELOP AF, and KYEF, have all been tailored to include study-specific analysis integrated with the output of data from VIRTUES onto patient/clinical displays via interactive dashboards, viewable from a variety of electronic devices.

Delivery of feedback and multi-way communication to healthcare providers, caregivers, and back to the patient is facilitated directly with on-demand interaction with VIRTUES globally.

VIRTUES delivers the most efficient, effective, and accessible healthcare, on-demand and tailored to the specific needs of each arrhythmia patient.